Corporate cufflinks is a great option for organisations as it is another way to enhance the corporate image or to hand them out as corporate gifts.

Cufflinks can be meticulously crafted to resemble the organisation’s logo or simply have the organisation’s name engraved. From the cufflink’s design to a customised cufflink box, the options are varied.

Clients can choose to use an existing cufflink design in our archive and adapt it to incorporate their organisation’s logo, name or colours. Alternatively, clients can choose to create an entirely new design. From having a feasible design concept to the creation of the unique cufflink mold, our designers will guide you every step of the way.

Depending on the client’s budget, some common customisation requests include:

Organisation’s name or logo 3D image, silk screen printing or laser printing
Material – Rhodium-plated copper
– Sterling Silver
– 316L Stainless Steel
Plating (colour) – Rhodium-plating (silver)
– Ruthenium-plating (gunmetal)
– Rose Gold-plating (rose gold)
– Yellow Gold-plating (yellow gold)
Packaging Standard or Customised

The minimum quantity required to begin a customisation process is 50 pieces. Depending on specifications, some are minimum 300 pieces due to scale of economy.

The total time from design discussion to final delivery would range from 6 – 10 weeks, depending on the pace of design discussion and complexity of the design chosen. Our team will strive to make delivery as soon as reasonably possible.

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For more details on the customisation of corporate cufflinks, email us at or call us at
+6011 5689 1520 to make an appointment with our in-house design specialist.

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